4 Mistakes I made after High School


So you just graduated high school… well first off, congrats!!! The opportunities ahead of you must be exciting and somewhat overwhelming. I know they were for me. You’re about to be out on your own, experiencing all that the world has to offer you. But before you start making any rash decisions on what you should do first, let me tell you the 4 BIGGEST mistakes I made right out of high school. Maybe it will help you make wiser choices, I hope.

Quit my job…


We all had that terrible first job in high school. We spent every day either in school or at work, never really having time to hangout with friends. So, realizing that it was my last summer to make memories with my group of friends, I quit my lame ass job. I was thrilled! I finally had the freedom I wanted for the past eight months I had this stupid job. I got my last pay check and decided to spend it on my friends (who never had a job..) so we could kick off the summer with a bang. It felt well worth it… until the realization that I was now broke set in. I didn’t have an allowance for chores, so that was out. I basically spent the rest of the summer doing anything we could find that was free. The month of August came a lot quicker than I was expecting. I still had not finished packing up my crap for college. I was basically hoping that the free money I received from using my dad’s G.I. bill for college would arrive immediately and I could just worry about everything else afterwards. Well… the money took a lot longer than I expected and I was dropped off at my college styled apartment with no money, no friends, no basic supplies such as toiletries and food. My dad gave me 60 bucks and said his farewells…. Now what? People…. PLEASE DO NOT QUIT YOUR JOB! Save up every last penny you can get your hands on! Be prepared for the moment you are dropped off at college with no one nearby to help you!

Didn’t save up for a vehicle


The quitting my job things kind of goes into this mistake as well…. I was dropped off an hour away from my family with no form of transportation. I was literally stranded… We had a shuttle bus that ran from our apartment to campus and back, so I figured that would suffice. I did not take into consideration that I needed transportation to the grocery store or any other form of activities besides sitting in my damn bedroom all day.. staring at my walls. I felt like a huge burden to my roommates (who all had vehicles). I was tagging along any chance I got to be free of those freaking white walls. I was either at school or at home. I almost lost my damn mind. Y’all… even if it is just a little beater car, start planning ahead. Like, while you are still in high school. This was probably ranked as one of my biggest regrets. Nothing feels worse than being stranded and abandoned. The freedom a vehicle gives you (especially one you worked your ass off to obtain) is far superior to taking the shuttle bus. I rode the bus all through high school, and I was now a young adult still doing the same old thing.

Made more time for my boyfriend than school


This one is a doozey…. I was still dating my boyfriend from high school when I went up to college. However, he was not in school. What that meant was he was up my ass 24/7… distracting me from my school work. Keeping me from bonding with my new roommates… it was a huge burden. My relationship with my family was even strained because when I wasn’t at school, I would get a ride down to my hometown on the weekends to spend every last second with him. My family never heard from me unless they were blowing up my phone to make sure I was still alive. Now I am not saying that you should not be in a relationship when you go off to college… but you need to sit down with your significant other and make sure they understand what priorities come first in your life. They should be supportive of your efforts to maintain your grades and make memories for yourself. College could have been an amazing experience for me… but I did not have my priorities straight. I still look back on it today and regret not putting school first. I could have graduated with my bachelors by now… but I lost that opportunity when I had it. My grades plummeted and I lost my G.I bill (which was paying for school as well as helping me pay rent and buy food). Just be sure to prioritize your life before you venture out into the world.

Opened a credit card


This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When you graduate from high school, you need to start building up your credit. However, I was not responsible nor was I doing this for the right reasons. After I lost my G.I. bill money, I couldn’t pay my rent the following month. So I took advantage of a student credit card to help me get by. Well… that credit card only had a 500 dollar limit and my rent was 460 dollars…. Needless to say, I maxed that sucker out and still didn’t have a job. I know what you’re thinking… “why on earth would she get a credit card when she didn’t have a damn job to pay the bill?!”
I honestly couldn’t tell you. Maybe it was the whole not having a form of transportation thing… maybe I was just not thinking at all. I did that a lot right out of high school (obviously). Either way, I am still suffering the consequences. The debt still lingers over my head and definitely had a huge negative impact on my credit score.. (way to go younger self).

So there you have it folks! Now trust me when I say these aren’t the only mistakes I made after high school… there are many, MANY more. But these are the most important ones I made that I have learned a lot from. It’s okay to make mistakes… how else would you know what you should be doing differently? Hopefully this will give you guys some insight before taking the big leap into adulthood.

What are some of the biggest mistakes you made? Please comment below! You could be saving new grads from plummeting to their death (not literally).



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