How to Find a Job


Step one is reading this article! But seriously, finding a job is one of the most dreadful things I have had to overcome in the past. It has proven to be especially difficult for those with no work experience.

In this post I will be sharing some of the steps I took to find a job, as well as some of the things I look for in an applicant being an assistant manager at my current job. Continue reading “How to Find a Job”

Getting Your First Apartment (Things to keep in Mind)

So you’re thinking about getting your first apartment? What a fun and exciting thing! That was always the ultimate goal growing up… getting away from your parents. I thought about this day a million times throughout high school. But holy sh*t was I unprepared. A lot of people don’t realize how much it takes to get out in the world on your own. Most people (including myself) dive right in without planning things out. I am a very impatient person, and I always thought I was invincible. Who needs planning? I procrastinated all throughout high school and managed to make it out alive! Why should this be so different?

Before you make such a rash decision.. let me give you some advice on things you should keep in mind before signing that lease. Continue reading “Getting Your First Apartment (Things to keep in Mind)”

4 Mistakes I made after High School


So you just graduated high school… well first off, congrats!!! The opportunities ahead of you must be exciting and somewhat overwhelming. I know they were for me. You’re about to be out on your own, experiencing all that the world has to offer you. But before you start making any rash decisions on what you should do first, let me tell you the 4 BIGGEST mistakes I made right out of high school. Maybe it will help you make wiser choices, I hope. Continue reading “4 Mistakes I made after High School”