Harsh Realities of a Military Brat (from my point of view)


The term “Military Brat” is used to describe the children of military members. Most view us as socially awkward or, as my boyfriend describes, “a bunch of weirdos”. (which is totally okay with me because we kind of are haha). What people don’t understand is that us Brats are our own subculture, and we were raised under different conditions than your average youth. The harsh realities of a military brat are probably not viewed as intriguing to someone who has never been through it.

My purpose for sharing my thoughts and experiences is to help people better understand what we face growing up, and how different the lifestyle is.

So, here we go!

We don’t know how to answer the question “Where are you from?”

Ummm…. Everywhere? Which then requires a full explanation that I am tired of repeating daily. We typically move every 2-3 years, so we’ve been around the block (well… the world) a few times.

I currently live in the south, so a lot of their lingo and local cuisines are still bizarre to me. You can only imagine how often I get asked this question when I incorrectly pronounce a word. Continue reading “Harsh Realities of a Military Brat (from my point of view)”

Letter to My Younger Self

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There is not a day that goes by where I don’t find myself thinking “I wish I would have known that when I was younger.” Life is complicated and full of plot twists. So, I decided to write a letter to my younger self to get it off my chest, as well as hopefully help my younger readers that might come across this post.

Where do I even begin?…

Dear younger and naive Sam,

Life has so much to offer you. There will probably be more downs then there are ups, but that’s the name of the game. You cannot control everything, despite how much you believe that you can. The most you can do is try to prepare for anything that comes your way, so here are a few things I want you to keep in mind.

Love yourself first.

You are going to wake up some mornings wishing you did not exist. This is no way to think about yourself. It is very important that you learn how to love yourself in order to love others. No relationship you have will prosper if you cannot do this first.

Do not let what others think of you determine your self-worth. No one knows you like you do, and you need to stand tall and rise above. You are beautiful, and do not let anyone else tell you otherwise. Continue reading “Letter to My Younger Self”

5 Tips on How to Stop Comparing Your Life to Others


Every day I hear about how someone I know is killing it in life. They have the job, the husband, the car, the kids.

I spend many nights lying awake at night thinking about why I’m not as successful as these people. Why I am stuck in this rut, and is it ever going to get better?

We all do it guys, be honest. Facebook and other social media sites have become this constant reminder of what we aren’t doing with our lives.

But what we don’t realize is everyone out there has something that they aren’t happy with. No one is perfect, regardless of how much they try to portray themselves as such.

We aren’t going to get anywhere in life if we keep comparing and not acting!

So I sat down and thought of a few things I currently do to keep my damn sanity… because god knows I might just lose my mind if I don’t do something about it. Continue reading “5 Tips on How to Stop Comparing Your Life to Others”