5 Tips on How to Stop Comparing Your Life to Others


Every day I hear about how someone I know is killing it in life. They have the job, the husband, the car, the kids.

I spend many nights lying awake at night thinking about why I’m not as successful as these people. Why I am stuck in this rut, and is it ever going to get better?

We all do it guys, be honest. Facebook and other social media sites have become this constant reminder of what we aren’t doing with our lives.

But what we don’t realize is everyone out there has something that they aren’t happy with. No one is perfect, regardless of how much they try to portray themselves as such.

We aren’t going to get anywhere in life if we keep comparing and not acting!

So I sat down and thought of a few things I currently do to keep my damn sanity… because god knows I might just lose my mind if I don’t do something about it.

Tip number 1: Make some goals!

Keep yourself occupied so you don’t have time to think about how Susan just got another promotion. Make yourself a list of SHORT term goals first. The reason why I say this is I tend to make an unending list of long term goals. Being as impatient of a person as I am, these goals eat me alive. So instead of torturing yourself, make a list of small goals to achieve this month or even over the next few months.

Here is a list of some of the goals I have right now to improve myself:

  • Start saving towards an emergency fund. I have read this advice so many times, and I’m getting so sick of the regret and sense of hopelessness I feel when I read an article about “How I saved 1,000 this month”. My process is to at least put a small portion of my paycheck into an envelope that I keep out of sight, out of mind.

  • Organize my life. This consists of making my living space more appealing to the eye. Chaos drives my anxiety up the freaking wall y’all. I just cannot handle sitting here trying to come up with great content for my readers knowing there is a mess somewhere I could be cleaning.

  • Pay off some of my debt. I am starting with my smallest amount of debt first, just so I can get that sense of accomplishment running through my veins. I am hoping the momentum will encourage me to pay off some of my more painful debts.

What are some small goals you have for yourself? I would love to hear about them and possibly incorporate them into my goals as well!:)

Tip number 2: Find a new job

Or maybe try working towards some sort of promotion. I have worked many jobs that have made me feel really small compared to the rest of my friends. The most embarrassing would have to have been when I was a cashier at a grocery store. A girl I graduated with walked to my register to check out, and she was decked out in some scrubs with a hospital I.D. badge hanging from her shirt. What a huge blow to the stomach.

So fix your situation if you aren’t currently working somewhere you can be proud of! I left that cashiering job to work as a server at a restaurant, and guess what? I am currently an assistant manager 🙂

Of course that didn’t happen overnight, but I knew walking into the job that there was always an opportunity to move up in the business. So I took a chance, and I couldn’t be happier with my job!

Step number 3: Change your surroundings

Now this doesn’t mean uproot yourself and move to another state. Or maybe it does, but what I am getting at is your group of friends. I hung around a bunch of low life nothings who were not even trying to better their lives, and it made me feel like I was going nowhere as well.

Surround yourself with people who have the same goals and ambitions as you. Do not allow yourself to be held back from an awesome opportunity because you are too afraid that your friends, or even your significant other, would not approve. These people don’t want to see you achieve! I learned that the hard way. I thought these individuals were my true friends, and that we were always going to be there for each other. Well I was so very wrong…

These people want you to be just as miserable as they are, if not more. They give you advice hoping you will follow it, and most of the time this advice is meant to do you harm.

Step to your own beat, and get out there and meet more people! There is a whole world full of awesome people you have yet to cross paths with!

And never, ever settle for less. You are doing a disservice to yourself.

Step number 4: Get a Hobby

Hobbies can be very fulfilling. They give you something to be proud of, and help you feel like you are achieving something.

They also keep that busy mind occupied. I have a few different hobbies, and they have been life savers. I spent all of my free time stressing out about how I am going to get ahead in life and catch up with folks my age.

These hobbies have kept me from searching “how to get out of debt fast” or “How to make money at home”. As you can see, money is my biggest stress factor in life.

This blogging thing I’ve been doing has probably been the most rewarding one of all. It makes me feel like I am actually helping make a difference in other peoples lives!

So go out there and hobby on! I promise you won’t regret it 🙂

Step number 5: Stay positive

This is probably the hardest step of all. It is so damn hard to stay positive day to day. But seriously, just take a few minutes out of the day to think about everything you HAVE accomplished that you never thought were possible.

There are people out there who have it a lot worse then you do. And hell, some of those people who look like they’re killing it at life are secretly miserable. You never know their circumstances, so start appreciating what you DO have going for yourself. Most importantly, stop obsessing over what you DON’T have. Life goes on, and one day you may look back and realize how far you’ve come from now.

So… what are some accomplishments you have made? What are some things you would like to accomplish in the future? Share in the comments below, and also SHARE THIS POST someone might appreciate the insight 🙂


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